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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Exhibition

Rehearsal Tubes, an exhibition by Verónica Conte, is a staging of the events that happened during Hamlet Light sets preparation and that weren’t shown before the audiences. Embracing the “light” spirit of the play, the staging of two expositive moments will be displayed in Mercado Municipal.

Moment 1
Ophelia: My lord, I have remembrances of yours that I have longed long to re-deliver. I pray you, now receive them.
Hamlet: No, not I! I never gave you aught.

Moment 2
King: Laertes, was your father dear to you?

These moments allow us into a short voyage searching, not so much the essence of the scenes but rather another kind of perspective, a new space, a different experience. Tensions appear between the scale of the objects and their power, between their apparent innocence and the violence of the universe that brought them about.

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